Sunday, December 6, 2015

KX139 Supremacy Suit & KV128 Stormsurge VS 3000 points of Dark Angels

This is my second game playing with the new KX139 Supremacy Suit aka "Gypsy Danger" and KV128 Stormsurge. In the first game (batrep will be up soon) the KX139 did well but the Stormsurge was blown away by grav weapons from a deep striking veteran in the first turn and I didn't get to do anything with it. We were both curious to see how much damage the two models can do when deployed properly (and as they are supposed to be in the fluff). For this game it was simple, kill or be killed. Game set up.  photo WP_20151206_16_46_26_Pro_zpsc0dtiimf.jpg I deployed my two suits at one end of the table and my opponent deployed at the other end. We rolled off and I got to go first and my opponent failed to seize the initiative. Tau turn 1 I deployed the anchors on the Stormsurge to get the bonus attacks for the next few turns. I open up with the stormsurge and target the rhino's in the centre field and glances two rhinos. The SMS and cluster rockets are out of range of anything else and I want to save the 1 shot missiles for a later turn. The KX139 opens up with the pulse ordnance multi-driver by targeting the group of vehicles coming up my right flank. I score a direct hit with the 7" blast and glance a rhino and blow up two razorbacks. The tri-axis ion cannons shoot at a squad of assault marines and kill 5 of them. Dark Angels turn 1. My opponent, moves all his vehicles and troops flat out up the board. The devastator squad with missiles comes out of the ruin on the right flank to get their missiles into range. The other devastator unit with lascannons stays in the ruin on the other flank. The snipers put 1 wound on the KX139 as does the devastators with lascannons. The missile squad fails to wound the KX139. Tau turn 2.  The Stormsurge went first and started off with the cluster rockets and I roll 25 shots and put 7 wounds on the assault marines. The large blast gets two direct hits on the missile squad and obliterates the squad.The SMS are still out of range and I choose not to fire the 1 shot missiles. The KX139 opens up with the pulse ordnance multi-driver and knocks out another tank. The first tri-axis ion cannon kills the chaplain and the second cannon kills 5 more assault marines. Dark Angels turn 2 All the reserves come in, my opponents dark shroud mishaps and I place it at the end of his deployment zone. Continuing on from the first turn all the tanks push up. The lascannon devastators put 1 more wound on the KX139 and the snipers fail to wound it. The knight crusader shoots at the KX139 with the battle cannon which scatters wide of both suits.  photo WP_20151206_17_06_52_Pro_zpsbgswvvbf.jpg Tau turn 3 The stormsurge shoots the cluster rockets and gets 38 hits on the ravenwing bikes and kills 2 of them. The large blast scatters off the initial target but the second shot is a direct hit causing 2 glances hits on a tank, blows up another tank and kills 4 marines. The SMS firing twice puts 6 wounds on a bike and kills it. The 1 shot missiles put 3 hull points on the knight. The KX139 shoots the pulse weapon's bombardment pattern at the ravenwing bikes and kills 4 of them. The arms kill another 5 marines.  photo WP_20151206_17_23_53_Pro_zpsq3szbgzs.jpg Dark Angels turn 3 Everything pushes up, my opponent's librarian puts 3 wounds on the KX139 and suffers perils of the warp, injuring himself. Marines rapid fire their bolters at the stormsurge and fail to wound it. Plasma and fire from the assault cannon on the razorback puts 2 wounds on the surge. I had forgotten about the 4+ invul save for the KX139 so I roll to see if I could get some back and the KX139 has taken only 3 wounds. The veterans with grav weapons but 8 wounds on the KX139 and I save 5 of them with FNP, melta shots from the bikes puts 2 wounds on it and I make the saves. The lascannons finish off the KX139.  photo WP_20151206_17_30_55_Pro_zpsr93cnwm2.jpg The game ended in turn 3 because the store was closing soon and we'd only have gotten halfway through turn 4. We reckon the surge would have obliterated the squads in front of it, leaving only the knight and lascannons to hurt it. The combined firepower from the two units killed half of my opponents army in 3 turns without marker light buffs. If used correctly the stormsurge is very effective as is the KX139. They are definitely hard to kill but grav/melta/lascannons will hurt them.

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